This ensure security of reimbursement of and refund speed in everyday performance in your favor. Reimbursement issues in future ZZV insured ZZV – letter having the WaizmannPro, very quickly and efficiently for Wade. An example from practice, what advantages does the ZZV protection letter: An insurer had found a breach of the duty of disclosure in the framework of the performance audit and was retroactively withdrawn from the contract. Our customer asked us in relation to your ZZV protection letter, to check the operation. We could send us all the documents to thoroughly examine the case. It came out that the dentist in the consultation of the doctor had wrong accidentally answered a question.

It was asked whether something was advised before conclusion of the contract and whether if what treatment plan was then created. The dentist is believed to enter the current treatment plan. The insurer saw this confirmed that the current treatment was advised at the time of the conclusion and noted the violation of the duty of disclosure. Refund 0. We were able to completely clarify the error of a written statement and a copy of the patient's chart in no time and achieve an investigation, which ultimately resulted in that the resignation was withdrawn from the contract.

Refunds: 6.294,12. The ZZV protection letter includes further Aspkete in addition to the guaranteed help with reimbursement issues. "In particular the ZZV protection letter includes the following: 1. as Wade customer get a KlarVertrag". This ensures a maximum performance clarity: the insurer itself have answered asked targeted questions on about 30 of us from more than 15 years experience in writing according to contract conditions and services in understandable German. As a result, all services are fully explained and confirmed their accuracy and validity of the insurer without room for interpretation. The participation of the insurer on the initiative KlarVertrag.de is a very important basis for maximum effectiveness of the protection services.

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