Manuel Wong Lopez

However, the basic diet was the manna. This fact gives basis for considering how difficult that would be found among ordinary people to individuals who under the circumstances had not complained or bored of such food; even if it was free; especially with prolonged was the time it took to eat manna. A very human characteristic is the individual idiosyncrasies or personal taste of the eat, and this is not very easy to please when it comes to a crowd as it was the case for the people of the biblical exodus. Profile of the people who made the trip the Hebrew coming out of Egypt is a town primarily slave and pretty and ignorant and lacking in what refers to behavior and attitudes expected by its real liberator, Jehovah. The texts of the Pentateuch give evidence of ignorance of many things which may include. Did not have any experience in its reliance and faith in the Lord (? xodo 15: 22-23). Very little time had passed have witnessed miracles of the plagues in Egypt, and they complained about the lack of water.

They were unaware of basic sanitary laws (Deuteronomy 23: 9-14) needed moral laws (Leviticus 18) should be instructed in how to drive is socially (Leviticus 19) did not know how to save Sabbath or Saturday (? xodo 31: 12-17) were unaware of the proper liturgy required by the Lord (book of Leviticus) had No idea of what should be the place of worship (do book of? xodo) didn't make offerings (? xodo 29) in addition to previous deficiencies that crowd was unaware of how to adequately meet their nutritional needs. The 450 years of slavery over the influence of the large number of people from other villages had undoubtedly to leave printed his mark or influence on taste or appetite of the children of Abraham. The forty years they were a school must for all the mentality, culture, spirituality and taste and kitchen of the pueblote Israel. Sadly very few learned lessons from that education. Lessons for all eating manna Daily Manna was a blessing; but it bored her. With how easily we see in daily work, the home study, family, etc.

a simple and boring routine; and we shed it of its value as a blessing. Frequently complain about what is really a blessing the simplicity of the menu given by heaven was a method to educate their tastes and controlling appetites messy the way of living and eating of the Israelite people from the old testament. This more necessary in the post modern society, culture of consumption; the individual of today are educated to obtain material things and satisfy their appetites of all kinds. Each day more are those who defend the value or usefulness of a simple feeding regime as that God gave them. The bread of heaven is a permanent symbol of that basic and vital needs of man are not met with an abundance of things; but with few and good mana with its apparent simplicity is evidence that the happiness of man is not in grandiose things; but in the simple things of a daily life. Despite that the people complained, Jehovah does not leave send them without lack his blessing. See in which bored us a blessing, undoubtedly contributes to happiness and is part of the perfection of the character.

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