Gynecological Oncology

Tumors of the female genital organs are quite common. These include tumors of ovarian, endometrial, uterine cervix, vagina, vulva, and tumors that occur in placental tissue. Given the deadly these diseases to the fore the need for early diagnosis and timely initiated radical treatment. Israeli cancers is one of the best in the world. At the armed clinics have super-modern equipment, experienced doctors, carried out radical surgery with sparing techniques. As you know, any tumor can be benign or malignant. At benign neoplasm of its development is slow, the tumor is separated from the surrounding tissues, not grow into adjacent organs. Timely surgical operation leads to a complete recovery.

The most common benign tumors of the female reproductive system are ovarian cysts, often manifest violation of the menstrual cycle, bleeding, infertility. Carrying out surgery can get rid of the disease and possible complications. Common in women and fibroids – benign tumor that develops from muscle tissue of the uterus. The growing tumor delivers a lot of trouble – the pain, and urinary disorders of the intestine to prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding. Surgical treatment of fibroids (operational recommend observation and conservative treatment of hormonal therapy. By the way, after the cessation of the menstrual cycle may be a regression of the fibroids with a decrease in its size.

Approach to the Patient in each case may vary depending on the results of the survey and the general condition of the patient. The main thing – properly assess the evidence examination, laboratory and instrumental studies of early detection of malignant tumors of female genital mutilation. Cancer of the uterus, ovaries, vulva occur more often, not only in menopause, but also in younger women. Unlike benign tumors, Malignant tumors are characterized by rapid development and growth. Germination occurs relatively quickly to nearby tissues and organs, destruction of blood vessels and spread of cancer cells throughout the body. The situation is complicated and such a feature of malignant disease, as they are asymptomatic in early stages. Therefore, early diagnosis – pledge a full recovery. And the possibility of Israeli medicine can expeditiously conduct a comprehensive examination at the highest level. Already standard procedure – check with a gynecologist smears of the cervix, followed by cytology (PAP), Colposcopy and cervical curettage, allow almost 90% of cases diagnosed malignancy of the cervix. With the help of diagnostic uterine curettage, hysteroscopy, and normal vaginal ultrasound survey, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, PET-CT an accurate diagnosis is established, allowing to determine the localization of the tumor, its size, to reveal the existence of regional and distant metastases. The results obtained in The survey results – the basis for the development of individual treatment regimens. Israeli gynecologists, oncologists are fluent in all methods of treatment of tumors. Depending on the stage of disease and forms the current process used by radical surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Home decor, warmth and comfort in offices, attentive and friendly staff contribute to early recovery of patients after the course of treatment and their return to normal activity.

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Gynecologists in Israel conducted a study to find out what is the optimum period of birth after a previous pregnancy. After some investigation, doctors found that the best period for the next pregnancy – is two years after the previous birth. Studies show that if a woman becomes pregnant within 6 months after delivery then there is a substantial risk of complications, miscarriages, stillbirth, and birth of a child with very low weight. Israeli doctors consider that the interval between pregnancies should be no less than eleven months, and the best time – it is two years. Such studies were carried out in the 90s in the U.S., Latin America and Sweden. בעיתון כתוב ש מיכאל גולן הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Similar results were obtained. Found that a new pregnancy during the first 6 months after previous increases the probability of infant death and mother increases the likelihood of developmental delay a child. To explain this theory was put forward some suggestions.

One of them – shortages of essential nutrients in early pregnancy. Others – the mother fails the hormonal balance, leading to a disruption of normal fetal growth. Scientists also found that the risk of preterm birth in Israel increased by 23% if a woman does not break even six months. The risk of very low birth weight infant increases by 15%. Risk of giving birth to a stillborn child grows 64%.

A risk of birth defects is increased by 14%. But too long a break between pregnancies also can not be held no benefit. If the break is over 5 years, the risk of preterm delivery increased by 40%. Scientists have tried to find out why short break harm to the fetus. The study was conducted for women from various ethnic groups and all ages. Comparing the results, scientists have learned that it is connected with the very humanity of his nature. Probably because it survives, apparently so it is necessary to multiply. The output of doctors of Israel is that the optimal interval between pregnancies is equal to two years.

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Medical Center

Treatment in Israel, is a combination of advanced technologies, experience and professionalism of physicians and careful attention to the patients. But not always, wanting to come for treatment in Israel, a citizen of another country knows that This should be done and how to act. The first steps of man who wants to be in Israel for treatment or diagnosis, should be: refinement of the form, cost and duration of medical procedures: Write or call the medical company to get an idea of what medical treatments you need, what will be their cost, in which the medical center, they will be and how long you have stay for treatment in Israel. Medical records: if you have any available medical records, describing your medical condition, transfer them to a medical company (this can be done by e- mail) to get compiled on the basis of their individual program of medical services required for treatment in Israel. If you like the program, begin preparations for the arrival in the country, about a month before the expected date of arrival for treatment in Israel. Check the need for a visa: if you need a visa to enter Israel, you can check at the Israeli consulate in your country. If you are a citizen of Russia, need a visa there.

Invitation from the Medical Center: generally an invitation from the medical center is desirable to get an invitation to Israel is quite possible, in advance of applying for a representatives of the medical company. Accommodation and everyday issues: required for two to three weeks prior to arrival in Israel, decide on your wishes and possibilities with respect to residence. You can choose room of any class, or rent a private home. The medical company will help you identify and solve problems as housing and other domestic issues related to medical treatment in Israel. If you are in the process treatment will require some special services, medical or domestic, such as the transportation is not a walking patient, some meals, etc., then this too must be informed in advance, and a medical company will be happy to provide you everything you need, how to live, and for treatment.

Organizational matters: as a rule, the decision of such organizational issues as the choice of the medical center, airport, transportation, escort services and interpreter included in the cost of medical services company, organize your medical treatment in Israel. Cultural program excursions and visits to various events such as exhibitions, festivals, concerts, and in many cases, it is possible to combine with the treatment. To think of ways your cultural program, consult with representatives of the medical company, and you will be able not only to improve their health through treatment, but still and a stay in Israel a good impression.

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