Genies And Finances

When you rub the lamp, the genie appears. Nothing new, right? Well, who has not heard the famous story of Aladdin? Rubbing is clean, clean is to debug. When debugging the package, you see the Magic. When debugging the lamp, the genie appears. Debugging is also removed, yes, remove all that excess, hinders or limits. The lamp is the bearer of Genius, as well as our Person (our ego, our conscious being) is the "packaging" of our Essence. Therefore, the more you "clean" the Person, best expresses the essence (our Higher Self), better serve their wonderful powers. If you ask, "What do you prefer: the Lamp or the Genius?" What would you answer? Chances are you to say: "The Genius, of course!" And yet, every day you prefer to attend the lamp, ie things the person, not worry about what the Genie.

When you are stressed by trying to solve a problem, when you insist on the extreme importance of your belongings knowledge, money or looks, you are only highlighting the qualities of the lamp. You're paying little attention to the Genius. Why insist on asking the lamp so that only genius can give? You are the lamp, your essence (your Higher Self, Spirit, Body Christ Self, Atman, Body Buddhahood, etc.) Is the Genius. The Genius without the lamp has no physical presence, the lamp without the Genie does not have Magic. And although they are inseparable, a cloudy and greasy lamp can keep hidden, bottling and restricted to the Genius, preventing it from implementing its great power. There are fears, unfounded beliefs, superstitions, and rampant ambitions imaginary limitations that do not allow yourself to Genius. When rub (read: we treat, cleanse, refine) the lamp, the genie comes out and act. Then the genie can use its immense power in our favor.

If you do not believe in genius, it does not appear. If you just pick up the lamp, you will not see the Genius. However, it ALWAYS ALL EST, ready to act on your behalf. Do not believe me? Keep rubbing your lamp … You have a lifetime to clean. Keep polishing and someday you'll see the Genius.

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