What Israel

Rom5:1 Justificados, since, by faith, we have peace paracon God through our Lord JesucristoRom 8: 1 now therefore no condemnation there is for losque are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk as wing meat, but according to the Espiritu.rom 8: 2 because the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesusme has escaped the law of sin and death.ROM 8: 3 because what it was impossible for the law, porcuanto was weak by the flesh, Dios, by sending its Documentschild likeness of meat because of sin and Sin, condemned sin in the flesh;ROM 8: 4 that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled ennosotros, who do not walk according to the flesh, sinoconforme to the spirit. 4 Christ compliance with the law and the Jewish festivals. If it weren't for Christ, we would be in condemnation since the law of God is eternal (forever) and none of us can save it. Santiago says queel that fails in one point has violated any law. I.e., that if I think evil of my brother, I've already violated all the law. If I look at a woman who is not mine conlascivia, I have already violated any law. What Israel practiced until Christ came (type and shadow) era of reality. Now that the reality is present there is need to lassombras. Learn more at: השר אורי אריאל. The requirement of forever is still on foot, but now we believers comply it fully and without fail through Christ Rom 5: 19 because as well as by the disobedience of man the many were made sinners, asitambien by the obedience of one many righteous seranconstituidos.ROM 5: 20 but act was introduced to the pecadoabundase; but where Sin abounded, grace sobreabundola;ROM 5: 21 so that as sin reigned unto death, so also grace reine for Justice for vidaeterna through Jesus Christ, our Lord. By the obedience of Christ (in life and death) we are just facts. In Christ we comply all the law forever!

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